Ever-green Revolution is the only pathway: Dr.MS Swaminathan:3.

Price volatility is one of the important causes of hunger.

2008 witnessed a sudden increase in the price of rice, wheat and other food grains..

India’s strategy for containing price volatility in major staple grains is to purchase adequate quantities of foodgrains from farmers at an assured minimum support price.

At present, globally prices of food commodities are tending to rise.

The situation will get worse with the increased frequency of occurrence of drought and floods, whether or not associated with climate change and global warming.

It is clear that the future belongs to nations with grains and not guns.

To be continued  ...

Note : Let our rulers  open their eyes  and  lend their  ears  to the  warning  of  our  most valued  and  respected  Scientist  world  over  our  treasure "Dr. MS Swaminathan sir! "