Dr. M.S. Swaminathan : Biography


Established Model Farms :

Part of Swaminathan's genius was that he was not just a brilliant scientist but a gifted and innovative communicator as well.

He could invent new seed varieties, but spreading news of his discoveries across a densely populated country with a spotty communications infrastructure was another matter.

In the 1960s, Swaminathan took steps to solve this problem by setting up a network of 2,000 model farms that showed local farmers the possibilities of the new plant varieties.

More recently, he became a leader in trying to spread Internet and computer technology into India's rural villages.

A believer in technology, Swaminathan also hoped to use technology as a social leveling agent.

"If you want an inclusive society you must go to the poorest person and ask if they will gain anything from technological development," he explained to a contributor in the London Guardian.

"Farming cannot be left to the control of a few multinational companies."

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