About Bt brinjal : 2.

Don’t hasten introduction of Bt brinjal :


Dr.M.S. Swaminathan

“Brinjal is consumed throughout one’s life. It’s a vegetable of very widespread consumption. Therefore what will be the chronic effect? Brinjal, there is so much of variability in the country. Will that variability and the biodiversity be destroyed by growing one or two varieties of brinjal in the place of numerous [varieties]? What happens if the resistance breaks down? We would have then lost our bio-diversity. Are steps being taken?” Dr. Swaminathan said.

He added that genetically modified crops should not be introduced in the biological and agricultural hotspots of the country.

Fast observed :

Meanwhile, marking Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary, a group of activists comprising farmers, environmentalists, scientists and farmers’ leaders observed a fast here to protest the introduction of Bt brinjal.

They said Bt brinjal, which was an attempt by multinational seed giants to take control over the food, agriculture and sovereignty of the nation, should be opposed.