1. Almost all channels are boring, all copied items, silly, stupid, wastage of valuable time.

2. Entertainment value -great Zero.

3. News channels - broadcasting stick to few sensational  items through out the day, continued to many days.

4. Indian films foolish, silly copied from different films and events are stitched from scenes of many films lifted crookedly.

5. Indian sports limited to cricket played by eleven fools, against another eleven fools, watched by thousands of fools, in India only.

6.Other programmes , all types funny realty shows with Judges drop outs in the present, by the entertainment industries+glamour added by the presence of no theme idea, celebrity with joker face. 2. Stupid comedy of low taste, 3. Last and decaying vulgar serials, 4. Discussion programmes with ignorant audience, facing  some no-work specialists(fixed members in all channels), and the Anchor (Joker) conducting the show with his intermittent foolish cheap jokes.

7. Ads cover major space leaving these merit less with few minutes in mercy towards the users of Television.